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Hijab and the Statements that Lie Within

Tuesday 23 October 2018 at 06:37 am.

For some, hijab is just an item of clothing.  But not for those who chose to wear it.  Here’s what one should consider thinking when he/she sees someone wearing hijab.

  1. 1.   Wearing hijab is a personal choice of every woman.

According to Islam, wearing hijab is a kind of worship and is done willfully by every woman who does it.  It aims to please God and the decision of doing it comes with deep understanding of the wisdom underlying His command.

  1. 2.   Wearing hijab identifies women as followers of Islam.

Identifying themselves with Mary, Muslim women believes in being reserved and holy when they cover their hair. Even though they receive discriminations from other people, they are bind to their belief that it is God who they want to please and not mankind.

  1. 3.   Wearing hijab shows humility.

The physical veil shows modesty in manners, speech and behavior.  But that does not apply for women alone, contrary to what others might believe.  Men are also required by God, according to Quran, to be modest.

Some statements of Women Who Wear Hijiab

For me, the lead up to the decision to wear hijab was more difficult than actually wearing it. I found that, praise be to God, although I did receive negative comments from people, I appreciated the feeling of modesty that wearing the hijab gave me.” – Katherin Bullock, Canadian convert to Islam. Source for more about amanis.com.

“..Pre-hijab, I was in bondage to the surrounding society; post-hijab, I became attached to God. With that connection to God came an enormous amount of freedom. Confidence and self-respect were just some of the benefits.” – Saba Baig, a graduate of Rutgets University

“I cannot help but wonder if they would have ordered Mary, the mother of Jesus, to uncover her hair.” – Aminah Assilmi, converted to Islam in 1977.  This was her response when asked to go in public without her hijab.