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Here’s Why You Should Buy a Cellphone Mount or Holder

Sunday 21 October 2018 at 10:53 am.

One of the cars accessories that have more functional purposes over its aesthetic purposes is the car cellphone mount or holder. Some people cannot get away without using their mobile devices while driving. This is most especially the case for Uber drivers and those who use Google maps when navigating an unfamiliar place on cars voice. And if the need to use cellphones cannot be avoided, then you should get a cellphone holder or mount.


Below are some of the reasons why it’s practical to buy this kind of car accessory.

Prevent distracted driving – Many accidents happen due to drivers being distracted while using their phones. One hand is on the wheel while the other hand is holding their phones. To avoid such a scenario, they can simply put their phones on these cellphone mounts or holders so they can glance at it from time to time without having to fully take their eyes off the road.

Hear conversations over the phone better – It’s easier to talk to people over the phone through cellphone mounts. They can simply answer the phone without having to take their hands off the wheels. This mount can be incorporated with the car system so the driver can answer calls hands-free.

Charge your phone – There are cellphone mounts that already have a built-in charger in time. It can be a hassle to charge your phones through cords that can get tangled. Just simply mount your phone and let the mount do its job.

Use your phone for GPS mapping – One of the reasons that drivers use their phones while driving is to ask for directions. Phones can be used to provide directions through the GPS. But if they keep holding to their phones the entire time they’re driving, they are more prone to accidents. Drivers can use mounts and holders to keep their phones in place as the voice command tells them the direction to take.