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Sunday 21 October 2018 at 10:16 am.

At the time people were not aware of what really is the purpose of cosplay and find those who have been dressing up fancy costumes who are just wasting their time and effort but misjudgements of cosplaying changed when popular people who did cosplay made them realize the real purpose of cosplay. Famous people who did cosplay inspired a lot of people that not only they are entertained but also when it comes to creativity in the costume making and designing, this has also changed the preview of many people.

Cosplay also gave opportunities for popular cosplayers who became a role model to the young generation and also business opportunities that opened their shops for pre-made and custom made costumes, accessories, props and many more. Furthermore, entertainment wise, many people are amazed with the cosplayers whether they are well known or not because of how they can mimic a character from an anime, movie, comic books and many more. People in cosplay were able to enhance their skills and creativity. Social life of cosplayers have also improved and achieved what they dream of!


The greatness of cosplay

Since cosplay is starting to become popular in different countries while each country has their own way of cosplaying. Cosplay can come in different event like competitions, movie showing, parties and more. They can also compete with cosplay competitions with their own cosplayhero where they can get famous and be well known in the world of cosplay.

The cosplayers can benefit a lot from doing cosplay where they can become really famous or popular. They can make a lot of fans or friends once they get well known when they do cosplay. They can also get special prizes when they join a cosplay competition and have the opportunity to win. Aside from getting opportunities when you cosplay, you also have the chance to get a job from cosplaying and inspire them to become creative and active.