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Ecstasy – Definition, Ingestion And Detection Thru Marquis Reagent

Saturday 10 November 2018 at 04:58 am.
One might be hearing the word “ecstasy” but have little to no idea about it, how it enters the body and how to detect or identify it.  This article would give you some important points regarding this synthetic drug.


Ecstasy is just the common name of a drug known also as 3,4-methylenedioxy-methamphetamine (MDMA).  It is a synthetic drug that causes alteration of moods and awareness on surrounding things and situations.  It has the same effects like the hallucinogens do – increased energy, distorted time perception, limitless pleasure and emotional climax.  At first, ecstasy can be found in nightclub scenes and dance parties at night.  But these days, this drug has been patronized by broader range of individuals. If you are more curious about Marquis Reagent then you can learn more about it on wimscilabs.com.



MDMA or ecstasy is typically in a capsule or tablet form which could be swallowed directly.  Still it may be seen in liquid form and powder form as well.  There are some variations where it can be seen as pure crystalline powder.  In that form it is more popularly known as “Molly”.  But there are cases where instead of getting the pure Molly people get “bath salts”.  One good way to check if it’s really the MDMA substance is to subject it on Marquis reagent.  This reagent would show distinct color change once contacted with ecstasy.


Typical test done is the urine screening test.  Of course, sample of urine may be collected from suspected user/s and then be subjected for laboratory analysis.  Another way, which is way faster is the use of Marquis reagent test kit which is available in dropper bottles.  Detection thru this reagent is very reliable since the color change is clear and not vague. Presence of ecstasy is recognized once the substance turns into purple to darker purple or black.   There are also other reagents which are available in ampules.  These test kits provide fast results (seconds to minutes) to identify if someone is really into ecstasy.