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New Movies And Their Social Relevance - Watch Movies Online

Thursday 15 November 2018 at 11:14 am.

Our entertainment industry has certainly come a long way when it comes to providing entertainment and values to its diverse audience and their unique visual content needs. The more diversity is promoted in the entertainment industry, the more socially aware or conscious people or filmgoers have become as well. This progress eventually paved the way for many diverse films to rise, thus creating more movie productions that deal with the current social issues that we have now. More information on viooz hd on vioozhd.

Politics, health, race, religion, culture and the likes are just some of the relevant subjects represented inmany filmsrising to popularity today. In fact, more actors are getting lead roles and being cast in several films regardless of their color, race, religion, physical capacity or preference. Some of the best to watch movies online today promote acceptance, inclusion, and diversity and 2018 has proven to be a great year to embrace and introduce such.

Movies That Promote Diversity and Inclusivity

Who could forget Black Panther and this iconic line that resonated with millions of viewers--'Wakanda Forever?' How about A Wrinkle in Time and its multi-cultural characters starring Oprah Winfrey and Reese Witherspoon? Annihilation and Ocean’s 8 are another surefire hits because of its all-women led cast showing us some real female badassery. There is also Kevin Kuan’s Crazy Rich Asians film that features an all Asian-led cast gaining so much recognition and hype on the internet and in Hollywood. All of these showcasing a diverse caliber of leading actors to the big screen.

It is indeed a great time for these new films to be in the limelight and shed some awareness on the continuous social stigma that many people from different race, color, sex, religion are still experiencing. It is high time that we finally have these films that not only entertain but educate the viewers and give life values, especially to our youth.